Holiday Club

“Holiday Club” this year will take the form of a gift/activity pack, given to children do at home. A lot of discussion and work have gone into producing the packs and you are asked to pray for the following:

  1. Please pray for all the children who have attended holiday club in recent years and who would have expected to be coming to holiday club this year. 
  • Pray for them as they cope with the disruption of the last few months to their education and their routines at home. 
  • Please pray for God’s protection on their mental health. 
  • Pray for them during the forthcoming school summer holidays, when holiday plans may have been disrupted and some of the things they might have expected to spend time doing (including holiday club!) won’t be happening in the same way.
  • Please pray for parents.
  • For energy and wisdom as they seek to occupy their children over the long summer holidays.  This can be difficult at the best of times, and this summer might be more pressurised, juggling demands of work and childcare as we emerge from lockdown. 
  • Pray for those involved in organising and delivering holiday club gift packs to families.
  • Pray that holiday club families will respond to our communications to them and sign up before the deadline of Monday 6 July, giving us time to put the packs together.
  • Give thanks for those who have given time and effort to research the best resources, and who are assembling the packs.
  • Pray for those distributing the packs, that they might have some positive contacts and conversations with families as they deliver them.
  • Pray for Tim and Ruth as they plan and produce live videos during each week of the summer holidays.
  • Give thanks for their energy, enthusiasm, creativity and ability to engage with the children.
  • Pray that all the technology will work smoothly
  • Pray that lots of children will watch and take part in the various challenges and activities.
  • Pray for the future.
  • Pray that, through these initiatives, we will be able to maintain and strengthen relationships with families, despite holiday club not taking place as normal. 
  • Pray that God will guide us and give us wisdom as we look towards the time when we might be able to run holiday club again in the future.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in prayer!

Barbara, and all the Holiday Club Core Team

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