Returning to the Building for Worship Starts Sunday 6th September

We are now able to gather together with the Lord, to hear God’s word, worship and pray together, and be refreshed and equipped to serve as his disciples in the world.

Please note that the current rule of only six people being allowed to gather together does not apply to church services so these can go ahead with the number specified for the church building.

To make the return as safe as possible a thorough risk assessment has been completed and risk-mitigation measures put in place. We are sure we will benefit from worshipping together. However, in some ways it will not be what we are used to; we ask you to be patient and gracious with those things that aren’t as you (or we) would like them to be. Re-opening our building has meant a lot of hard work for a few people, and doing what needs to be done for our services involves our  property stewards and others in even more work than it used to, so please be kind to everyone!

We will need to set up a new thorough cleaning rota so that we are all kept as free from Covid as possible. If you feel you could be part of that service please let Marian know. (01661 834318)

As of now there are no plans to start up any week day fellowships. As things alter we will keep you informed. Remember there will still be a phone in worship and a live streamed service from Hexham Trinity each week. The Stocksfield Phone in numbers are available for groups to use mid week so if any group want to try that see Jacqui. (07484 627242).

To avoid turning people away at the door we are operating a pre-booking  system (see over). At that time, the usual covid checks will be asked as well as your contact details. These will be kept. These will make entering the Church smoother. When you enter the building, while you are sanitizing your hands you will be asked for your name. The steward on duty may be from a different church so please don’t take offense at not being recognized.

Please read the Do’s and Don’ts carefully so that you can prepare for worship too.
See “Worship” page for dates, times and preachers.

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