Message From Jenny


I hope you are getting a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather.

This week I was thinking about Joshua Chapter 1. In this chapter, Joshua, who had expected Moses to lead them into the Promised Land finds himself called to the task out of the blue when Moses passes away. 

Sudden changes are hard to adapt to. Be it a change in lockdown plans or the death of a much loved friend such as we experienced at Stocksfield last week, we struggle, we feel frustration, we often have questions for God. 

Joshua however, is given some deeply significant answers by God. He promises first to be there for Joshua- verse 5 ‘As I was with Moses so I will be with you. I will never leave you or forsake you.’ Next God tells him to ‘be strong and courageous’ which is a much easier task when you know God is never going to leave you. Lastly, God reminds Joshua to stay close to the Law, to ‘meditate on it day and night.’ 

In these changing times, this advice still holds. In our griefs and in our frustrations, God is with us us. Our strength is in him and his word is our food, our guidance and our encouragement.

In the days ahead, whatever challenges we face, may we draw strength from knowing that God is with us, that he will never leave us and that his word is a light to our feet and a guide on our way. 

Please hold our friends at Stocksfield in your prayers this week. A collection is being taken in John Hemstock’s memory to be divided between Prostate Cancer UK and the Northumberland Foodbank. Should you wish to contribute please contact Colin and Jacqui Cameron. (01661842153)

Praying for you all,

Rev Jenny Porterpryde

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