Stocksfield Methodist Church is a small community offering a huge welcome. We are committed through worship, fellowship and service to growing as disciples of Jesus and building a vibrant Christian community.


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Prior to Rev Fiona Calverey taking up her position as Minister for Prudhoe, Wylam and Stocksfield Methodist Churches in September, Rev Tony Buglass has taken over responsibility for the three church congregations. He may be contacted on 01434 609074, or on tonybuglass@tiscali.co.uk

Good Book Club

Bible Study meetings are still running each week on Tuesday evening at 7:30-8:30pm via Zoom They have been working through a book called Holy Habits. All are welcome.  For more information contact Fiona Jesson (01661 844717) or Rev Jenny Porterpryde (01661 833869)

God is in Control

Trust Him.
Trust the Father, Son,
and Holy Spirit,
with those things that you don’t understand, or
that are out of your control.

When you are worried
about tomorrow,
God is not worried!
He knows what will happen

if you trust in Him,
if you will let The Son, Jesus Christ,
be in control of your life!

For Jesus guides and protects those
who belong to Him,
who choose to believe His promises.

Have faith in God,
His promises are sure.
His love never fails.
He is not worried about tomorrow.


Food Bank


Ongoing contributions to the West Northumberland Food Bank of non-perishable food particularly cartons of long life milk, fruit juice, flavoured packs of noodles, jams & tinned meat, fish, fruit and vegetables continue to be welcomed as the need for food parcels is still necessary. The number of people seeking help has risen by 37% in the past year.  Sue Applegarth will be happy to accept either food or alternately monetary donations. There is a basket in the Church Hall for any contributions. Please note that unfortunately the food bank is unable distribute food that is outside its sell by date.

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