Holiday Club

“Holiday Club” this year will take the form of a gift/activity pack, given to children do at home. A lot of discussion and work have gone into producing the packs and you are asked to pray for the following:

  1. Please pray for all the children who have attended holiday club in recent years and who would have expected to be coming to holiday club this year. 
  • Pray for them as they cope with the disruption of the last few months to their education and their routines at home. 
  • Please pray for God’s protection on their mental health. 
  • Pray for them during the forthcoming school summer holidays, when holiday plans may have been disrupted and some of the things they might have expected to spend time doing (including holiday club!) won’t be happening in the same way.
  • Please pray for parents.
  • For energy and wisdom as they seek to occupy their children over the long summer holidays.  This can be difficult at the best of times, and this summer might be more pressurised, juggling demands of work and childcare as we emerge from lockdown. 
  • Pray for those involved in organising and delivering holiday club gift packs to families.
  • Pray that holiday club families will respond to our communications to them and sign up before the deadline of Monday 6 July, giving us time to put the packs together.
  • Give thanks for those who have given time and effort to research the best resources, and who are assembling the packs.
  • Pray for those distributing the packs, that they might have some positive contacts and conversations with families as they deliver them.
  • Pray for Tim and Ruth as they plan and produce live videos during each week of the summer holidays.
  • Give thanks for their energy, enthusiasm, creativity and ability to engage with the children.
  • Pray that all the technology will work smoothly
  • Pray that lots of children will watch and take part in the various challenges and activities.
  • Pray for the future.
  • Pray that, through these initiatives, we will be able to maintain and strengthen relationships with families, despite holiday club not taking place as normal. 
  • Pray that God will guide us and give us wisdom as we look towards the time when we might be able to run holiday club again in the future.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in prayer!

Barbara, and all the Holiday Club Core Team

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Church Opening Update

Please note that our buildings will remain closed at present pending a further review. In the meantime the church is very much “open for worship” as we offer send home sheets, a phone in sunday service, filmed worship available on Youtube and zoom meet ups for prayer, chat and encouragement. Please email ‘ for links and further info.

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Join other members of Stocksfield Methodist Church in “phone”, “zoom” and YouTube worship.

Stocksfield Methodist Church is providing services for you to join at home during the current crisis. Contact Rev. Jenny Porterpryde to get the dial up or log in details for the services. See Contact page for details.

“Phone” worship – Sunday, 2.15 pm. During the service everyone will be muted so that you only hear the people leading the service. After the service you will be un-muted and able to chat.

“Zoom” worship – Sunday, 7.30 pm. Download the “Zoom” app on your computer, tablet or phone. Select “Join a meeting” and enter the meeting ID and password. Please join and enjoy the fellowship of “meeting up” with other members of the congregation.

YouTube worship – Enjoy this week’s service, led by Jenny and other members of Stocksfield, Wylam and Prudhoe churches on YouTube. Just click on the link:

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Stocksfield Methodist Church is a small community offering a huge welcome. We are committed through worship, fellowship and service to growing as disciples of Jesus and building a vibrant Christian community.


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A Quiz based on Acts compiled by the young people of the church

Hello from the Sunday Club.

One of the challenges the Club has undertaken has been to read the whole of the Acts of the Apostles and then devise a quiz. This is the result. Why don’t you have a go?

Round 1- Chapters 1-5

  1. 1:1  Who was told about Jesus in the first book?
  2. 1:6 What did the apostles ask Jesus?
  3. 2:7-11 How many different languages did the believers speak in?
  4. 2:13 What did others in the crowd say about the believers?
  5. 3:6 What miracle did Peter perform on the beggar?
  6. 3:25 Who did Peter say the crowd were the children of?
  7. 4:4 How many believers were the now(not counting women and children)?
  8. 4:8 What did the council tell Peter and John to do?
  9. 5:1 What was the name of Ananias’ wife?
  10. 5:5 What happened to Ananias when he was told what he had done?

Round 2 Chapter 6-10

  1. 6:5 What were the names of the seven men chosen to serve?
  2. 6:8 Who was blessed by God?
  3. 9:3 Who saw a light on the road to Damascus?
  4. 9:36 What was Tabitha’s name in Greek?
  5. 10:1 What was the name of the Roman officer who sent for Peter?

Round 3 Chapters 11-15
Find the names of the cities, villages, towns or islands

  1. 11:12     2. 11:5 3.11:19   4. 11:22 5.11.25    6.11:29

7. 12:18     8. 12.25 9. 13:4   10. 13:6 11. 13.13  12. 13.14

13. 13:17  14. 13:19 15. 13:31  16. 14:3 17. 14:6    18. 15:1

19. 15:23     20. 15:40                                           

Round 4 Chapters 16-20

  1. 16:14 What colour cloth did Lydia trade in?
  2. 17:23 What is the inscription on the altar?
  3. 18:18 What did Paul do before he sailed to show he had taken a vow?
  4. 19:12 What items of Paul’s were used to make people better?
  5. 20:9   What happened to the man who fell asleep?

Round 5 Chapters 21-25

  1. 21:4 What did the believers in Tyre prophesy about Paul?
  2. 21:40 In what language did Paul address the crowd in Jerusalem?
  3. 22:10 Where did the Lord tell Paul (then Saul) to go in his vision?
  4. 22:29 Why did the officers withdraw from lashing Paul with whips?
  5. 23:11 When the Lord appeared to him, what did He tell Paul to be?
  6. 23:13 How many Jews were planning to kill Paul?
  7. 24:5 What did Tertullus say Paul was a ringleader of?
  8. 24:27 Who was Felix succeeded by?
  9. 25:13 Which King arrived in Caesarea during Paul’s case?
  10. 25:25 Where did Festus decide to send Paul?

 Psalm 145. reminds us of God’s transforming power to change us and this truth is crucial to our christian walk. 

Asking God to change us might seem threatening at times. That sense of allowing God’s plans to unfold in our lives is frightening for many people.  

This fear however, often comes from our misunderstanding of God. It comes from our very human idea that anything God calls us to do might be, (to quote the covenant prayer) ‘contrary to our own inclinations’ or might be frightening, difficult, or even overwhelming. Verse 8 of Psalm 145 sheds a very different light on things however as it says……

‘The Lord is gracious and compassionate,
    slow to anger and rich in love.’ 

If we  can absorb this verse into our hearts and minds, if we can make it the place from which we pray and the “glasses” through which we look at the world, we will find the courage to allow God to change us and the faith to believe that God wants to bring joy and fulfilment to our lives. It’s a verse to remember and draw encouragement from. 

I wonder which Bible verses or stories have encouraged you in recent weeks?  I wonder if there are particular prayers you have found helpful? Let’s aim this week to take those words of encouragement and share them. Bring them to a zoom, read them down the phone to a friend or neighbour or post them to someone. Lets all help one another to be transformed in Christ. 

Have a good week with God, looking forward to hearing your verses! 

Rev Jenny Porterpryde 

Tynedale Methodist Circuit Resources

The Tynedale Methodist Circuit website as several resources and links to help you with your devotions and spiritual growth during these difficult times.
Visit the site at:
Here is a copy of the weekly circuit newsletter which as lots of information and links:

Sunday Worship
10:30 Zoom Worship led by Hexham Trinity.
A time to worship God together with an all age stand for families. Contact John Vincent for the Zoom information (

Haltwhistle Methodist Church Online Service
in video format both on website and you tube or website

Material for Prayer and Reflection
Regular reflections are being posted on the Tynedale Circuit Facebook page
and on the Circuit Website

A Thought for the Day is being shared each day apart from Sunday by Haltwhistle Methodist Church. This is available on their website and Facebook pages: or

Thy Kingdom Come — The North Tyne Churches will be joining in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ a world wide prayer movement inviting Christians from around the world to pray from Ascension Day Thursday 21st May to Pentecost Sun 31st May, praying for friends and family to come to faith in Jesus Christ. Booklets are available ‘Jesus loves all’ to use during this period which include a bible reading, reflection, prayer and action. To order your copy please contact Deacon Anne Taylor

Worship Resources and Midweek Reflections are being provided for Slaley and the rest of the Moorland Group by Rev. Helen Savage ( and

Bible Study Groups
Tuesday at 8pm from 28th April for 5 weeks — Come People of the Risen King: A Bible Study on Acts.
Contact David Goodall for the Zoom information (
Video of Teaching on previous Sunday’s Bible Study passage Haltwhistle hhtps://

Thursdays at 7.30 pm, from 7th May, Bible Study on the Psalms
Details from Rev. Paul (

A number of Hexham Trinity’s Housegroups and also young people’s groups are meeting in virtual
formats Please contact John Vincent to find out more (

Activities for Children and Young People
Sunday at 7.30 pm Hexham Trinity Youth Group.
A Zoom Youth Group for young people age 13+ contact Tara Barrick for the Zoom information (

A number of Hexham Trinity’s Children’s and Young People’s groups are meeting in virtual
formats Please contact Isaac Webb ( or Tara Barrick ( to find out more (

Messy Church, Bible Stories and Activities — On the Third Thursday afternoon of each month a video version of Messy Church at Haltwhistle is posted, on the other Thursday afternoons there are recordings of stories from the Lion Storyteller Bible. From Monday to Friday there are daily crafts on Messy Church Facebook page at Haltwhistle

Please also remember there are regular updates on the Circuit Facebook page
also regular updates on the Circuit Website

Links to Acts of Worship with the Methodist Church

The Methodist Church is providing services for you to join at home during the current crisis. Click on the following link to access these services and much more:

Wesley’s Chapel in London will continue to live-stream worship, adapted for no physical congregation.

Service times

Wednesday 12:45
Thursday 12:45
Sunday 9:45 and 11:00.

All these services will be available at: 

Swan Bank Methodist Church in Burslem will also live-stream worship

Service Time

Sunday 10:30

The service will be available at and

Live Your Faith + children’s activities to enjoy at home


“Live Your Faith” is a weekly reflection based on lectionary readings. It includes prayers and readings and is produced by Roots for Churches Ltd. You can find out more by visiting

Click on the links below to open the PDF files
Visit the following links for children and family pages

Visit the following links for the adult Living the Faith pages


God is in Control

Trust Him.
Trust the Father, Son,
and Holy Spirit,
with those things that you don’t understand, or
that are out of your control.

When you are worried
about tomorrow,
God is not worried!
He knows what will happen

if you trust in Him,
if you will let The Son, Jesus Christ,
be in control of your life!

For Jesus guides and protects those
who belong to Him,
who choose to believe His promises.

Have faith in God,
His promises are sure.
His love never fails.
He is not worried about tomorrow.


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