Stocksfield Methodist Church is a small community offering a huge welcome. We are committed through worship, fellowship and service to growing as disciples of Jesus and building a vibrant Christian community.


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Grand Christmas Fair

Saturday 18th November ~ Church Hall 10 00 am – 2 00 pm. Coffee/tea included in admission charge of £1 – ‘pie & pea’ lunch – £6.00 – from 12 noon. Make an early start to your Christmas shopping. Stalls include gifts, cakes, preserves, and toiletries. We hope to make another success of this event– If you can offer help please contact Pauline 01661 842502, or Marian 01661 834318

Food Bank


Ongoing contributions to the West Northumberland food bank of non-perishable food particularly cartons of long life milk, fruit juice, flavoured packs of noodles, jams & tinned vegetables continue to be welcomed as the need for food parcels is still necessary – Sue Applegarth will be happy to accept either food or alternately monetary donations. There is a basket in the Church Hall for any contributions.

Open Space


Our Church is now open from 10 30 am ~ noon each Monday to serve coffee/tea, and to have a ‘natter’ or a time of ‘peace’.

Vision 21 Metres of Coppers



We still need your loose change… We have now covered 3439 metres equivalent to £1581. What a fantastic response we are having, not only from our own Church family but also from those we are reaching out to in the village! Don’t stop saving your coppers every little helps!

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